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If you have been searching for a yoga school in India, in which you could not only do your yoga teacher training, but also evolve spiritually, get to know yourself on a deeper level, open your heart to different energies and start living more from your heart and also be guided by international yoga champion and someone who knows both east and west cultures - then look no more, because this is it.

Vladimir Terentev thought's on our training :

" My life is very different now - thanks to Ashtanga Training India and the wonderful people running it!! I highly recommend Ashtanga Training India for everyone, because both teachers have so much experience, and their teaching standards are very high... "

What makes Ashtanga Training India different from other Indian Yoga Schools?

Ashtanga training India is a merge of east and west. It was put together by an indian international gold medalist of yoga, and a Finnish spiritual teacher, that had both been teaching for decades and again and again been disappointed by the theatrical facade, that so many of yoga Schools in India put on for western students.

Besides teaching yoga, meditation and philosophy all over the world, the Finnish founding member, Anna Kauppila, had brought groups for yoga TTC’s to India for years, and seen how foreigners are most often put into a box, and none of their individual needs are listened to from the indian side. Rajeev Maken was watching Anna Kauppila taking care of her foreign groups during the months she spent in India with them, recognizing how valuable her work was, and how she literally saved the month for her group members as well as the yoga school’s image. Also the more he got to know her, the more he was impressed by her wisdom and realized that no one else in Rishikesh teaches philosophy the way she does. Grounding it closely to life and everyday situations, making the students realize how spiritual their life had already been until then, without them being aware of it. First comes the awareness, then recognition, and then you can start understanding all events of your life being guided from higher aspects and having a divine meaning. Spirituality is not only meditating by Ganges. It is living your life in awareness, just as it is unfolding in front of you in each moment, learning about yourself from each person you talk to, starting to accepting things as they are, and then slowly starting to accept others and yourself just as you yourself are. Because you are magnificent!

And there you are in the truth, in the joy, in touch with yourself, connected to everything - not only while doing yoga, but also while… keep reading more of what Ashtanga Training in India really is about from here

In a nutshell - Ashtanga training India is and offers:

Merge of East and West

Individual attention for all students

Authentic, experienced experts as teachers

Yoga classes in amazing locations

Karma Yoga with street animals

Professional videos and photographs of students

Over 40-page long info package before arrival

Best Sunday Activities

Karma Yoga with Tibetan Refugee

Private rooms with European standards

Manual and several yoga books included in the course fee

Organic vegetarian meals

Emily Compton - United Kingdom thought's on our training :

My heart is filled with gratitude towards Anna and Rajeev right now at the end of my amazing YTTC.. Thank you for this amazing experience and your 110 % presence and help with everything...

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